The Firm

The Firm

Bradford Cederberg was established in 2003 in direct response to the wide spread abuses providers of medical services and care were experiencing at the hands of automobile insurers. Seeking proper and complete reimbursement for medical care provided to persons injured in automobile accident became a full time job for most medical facilities. From our modest beginning as a one lawyer, one paralegal start up, the firm has grown over the last 10 years to become recognized as the pre-eminent source of legal representation and expert, accurate information on all things "PIP" across Florida.

The firm's current makeup consists of 10 highly experienced PIP litigation attorneys and a support staff of 20, whose sole focus and effort is to recover for our clients, every penny they are legally entitled to under Florida's PIP law. Most of our attorneys have lengthy prior experience representing auto insurers in PIP matters. One partner worked as an auto claims adjuster and ultimately a claims manager for Allstate Insurance Company for 15 years prior to representing high end providers in PIP matters. All of the lawyers employed by Bradford Cederberg bring extensive knowledge of how the automobile insurance industry operates and the tricks of the trade they employ to save money by underpaying providers. We use this information to our client's advantage.

PIP is not one of many areas the firm practices. It is the ONLY area of law that the firm practices. Bradford Cederberg does one thing and does it very well. We focus exclusively on the representation of hospitals and other high end providers in recovering auto accident related medical bills for health care practitioners. We do not represent auto accident victims. We do not handle medical malpractice. We do not represent workers injured on the job. We are a firm devoted solely and exclusively to doing one thing and doing it better and more passionately than any firm in the state.

Many of our lawyers come from families with strong medical backgrounds. We are the children and siblings of medical doctors, physical therapists, obstetrical nurses and paramedics. We have watched our family members attempt to fight with insurance companies over reimbursements and how falling reimbursements affect their lives and families.

Bradford Cederberg is passionate; passionate about what we do, who we represent and the results we obtain. We are genuinely interested in protecting the interests of our clients and assuring the system works as it was intended. That's why, although we represent many of the largest groups of health providers in the state, our representation will never cost you a dime. Your issues become our issues. Whether enforcing the law or seeking to change the law one ruling at a time, protecting the rights of health care providers drives our passion for what we do every single day.