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The PIP process requires maximum effort on our part and minimum effort on our client's part. We send via certified mail, written notification to the auto insurer that we intend to file a lawsuit if the money owed to our client isn't paid within 30 days. If the insurer wishes, they can avoid a lawsuit by paying the outstanding sums owed, plus accrued interest and a penalty of 10% of the amount owed, capped at $250.00. They also must pay the cost of certified mailing. If those sums are placed in the mail within 30 days of the carrier receiving our letter, the matter is amicably resolved, our client is forwarded their money and the matter is closed without litigation. There is no fee owed to us by anyone.

If the carrier chooses to pay none or only a portion of the sums demanded, 30 days after mailing notice of our intent to sue, a lawsuit is filed seeking the outstanding benefits owed. We litigate the claim until we recover every penny we believe our client is rightfully owed. As a general rule we do not compromise our client's charges and settle for less than they are owed. We are hired to do a job and we take that job very seriously.

Many large providers have collection agencies and think that we duplicate their efforts. This is not true. We compliment collection agencies by pursuing auto insurance carriers who we believe have a legal obligation to reimburse our clients certain sums of money and have simply refused to do so for a variety of reasons. Collection agencies historically collect pennies on the dollar and take a percentage of that small recovery as their fee. We collect every penny our client is owed and do not take a percentage of their recovery as our fee. Our fees are paid separately from what we collect for our clients and the fee is paid by the losing auto insurance company.

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