Understanding Florida PIP

Are you a provider of medical care to patients involved in motor vehicle collisions? Are you tired of having your bills reimbursed at less than your charged rates? Would you like the help of an experienced AV rated law firm specializing in PIP matters to assist you at no charge to you? Then you need to call Bradford Cederberg, PA.

Our firm specializes in obtaining maximum recovery of PIP related charges from automobile insurers across the state. It's not one area of practice for us. It's the ONLY area of practice for us. We believe in doing one thing and doing it very well.

From reviewing five years of accounts receivables, to sending out the mandatory pre-suit demand letters required by Florida's PIP law, to aggressively and expertly representing you in litigation, our firm provides unparalleled skill and knowledge and does so for free . That's right. Florida law requires a insurance carrier who loses a lawsuit to pay the winning party's attorneys fees and costs. If we aren't the winning party, we don't get paid period. It's a high risk, high reward industry that motivates our firm to put forth maximum effort on every single matter.

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